We all are very well aware of the craziness for the survival games among the people all around the world. For the players who always look for one or another battle royale or survival games to kill their boredom or to enjoy their free time with more exciting and fun options, there are plenty of games available for them.

One of such interesting and thrilling survival games, where the complete guide is dedicated to it, is none other than ‘Knives Out’.

Are you hearing this gameplay for the first time?

Or Have you played it earlier but find it a little confusing just because you have never played any survival game before?

If yes, there is nothing to worry about. This complete guide of Knives Out will not only help you to be familiar with this gameplay but will also let you learn how to get this mobile game on your PC and Mac effortlessly.

Knives Out

Knives Out is very much similar to any other survival game, where the player is landed on an isolated battle royale arena. There are a total of 100 players in the same arena, including you, where they have to fight for their survival. The main aim of each player is to put his best and become the last man standing in the arena.

The entire game revolves around this concept, where Knives Out offers a range of features, weapons, items and other beneficial deals as the helping hands for the players.

Now, before going to the main section of the guide, we would like to share some helpful information about Knives Out so that you can enjoy this game to the fullest on all devices, including PC and Mac. This is why we are here right now.


Overview of Knives Out Gameplay

Knives Out gameplay is set in an area of 6X4 km, where you and 99 other players are landed on the battlefield and all 100 players have to fight for their survival. The players have to do anything to survive till the end of the game within this arena only. Like other games, this too requires focusing on many details so that you can work on strategies and other offered features effectively to achieve the goal.

The game offers the number of opportunities to show your survival skills.

Always keep in mind that once your feet hit the ground, your fight for survival will begin from the very first second. When the game starts, you need to collect the different types of weapons as soon as possible so that you do not get killed at the beginning of the game. At the same time, you have to maintain distance and protect yourself from other players in the battlefield.

Knives Out for PC and Mac

Many new players take time to collect the gears, it does not mean that other players spot you and kill you. Never let this happen. The only advice in such a situation is to collect other items and create your own weapons, in case you are unable to find your weapons. Additionally, you can also grab the weapons and items of other players who have been killed.

You get a chance to play as an individual or as a team, where if you choose group mode, you need to put your best to coordinate and cooperate with your teammates. Always keep in mind that never spares anyone in this survival game, sparing one player’s life can easily cost the life of your teammates.

Now, after going through the overview of Knives Out, we think you must also be familiar with its features, and learn why Knives Out is one of the preferred battle royale or survival games of the millions of people around the world.

Features of Knives Out – Making it Different

Have you ever thought what makes Knives Out different from other similar survival games? Let’s go through some of the exclusive features of Knives Out which will help you to get the right reasons for this.

Exclusive action and shooting gameplay

If you play Knives Out once, it is something which encourages players to play the game over and over again. The players who love challenges and want to survive anyhow till the end of the game can become the winner. The main goal is to be the last man standing by beating all odds.

Knives Out for PC and Mac

100 players

Knives Out gameplay starts with 100 players and all of them have ushered in the battlefield for survival. Keep in mind that each player puts his best and plan strategies to kill other players and become the last man standing.

You have to explore the map, collect gears and other items, find the enemy and kill him. Remember, as everyone in the game is playing for survival, so it is sure going to be not easier for you.

Formulate your own rules

No matter whether you are playing Knives Out on your mobile phone or you are going to play it on your PC or Mac, your strategies remain the same. You have to create your own rules and follow them till you survive. So, plan your rules and strategies in a way so that you can trap your enemies and attack them, as well as get them even from a distance. The game offers you all freedom to control your moves through the battlefield. No matter, what rule or strategy you follow, your objective should always be in your mind.

Make a team and speed up

When you are on the battlefield, always keep in mind that teamwork is something that can make it easier to achieve the goal. When you have your teammates, you can overcome your enemies with great ease, only if all players in your team are putting their best. You can play in Duo Mode, Fireteam Mode and Squad Mode based on your coordination with your teammates for the attacks.

Win the isolated arena

Once you start your game, you will get the number of options to create a unique appearance for your character. If the commander of your team instructs you, you should adhere to them carefully. You have to move in all directions in a way so that you cannot be killed by your enemies and find the items that can help you to ease the path of your goal.

Knives Out for PC and Mac

After learning these features of Knives Out, now it’s time to proceed further and come to the main motive of this guide i.e. Playing Knives Out on PC and Mac.

We all know that the main reason for getting Knives Out for PC and Mac is to play this game on the bigger screen than your mobile phones. Of course, we all want to gain better viewing and gaming experience and when we are getting a chance to grab this benefit on PC and Mac, then why to waste it?

Let’s get to the next section and learn how to get Knives Out on your PC and Mac easily without any hassle.

How To Get Knives Out for PC and Mac?

Knives Out is a battle royale type gameplay which is available for Android users. But it does not mean that you cannot play this game on any other device or your system. Knives Out can be played on PC and Mac as well, giving you better gaming experience than your Android devices.

Though native Windows or Mac version is not available, you can run the game on your system with the help of Android emulator. Hence, playing Knives Out on PC and Mac is more accurately and conveniently with the help of keyboard and mouse.

The emulator makes it quite easier to download and play Knives Out on your PC and Mac, that’s too for free. You need not spend any money on buying any third-party tool to run Android apps and games if you have an emulator installed on your system. What else do you want?

Knives Out for PC and Mac

You can choose BlueStacks, Nox App Player, Andy, MEmu App Player, and others depending on your choice. As you have a huge list of Android emulators, so make sure to use the best emulator so that you can get the better performance, speed, and quality when you play your mobile game on your Windows PC and Mac OS.

Here, we would like to share step by step instructions of installing Knives Out on your PC and Mac using two effective emulators, BlueStacks and Nox App Player. Both ensure to make the process of getting your game on your system smoothly and easily.

Install Knives Out on PC and Mac using BlueStacks

Logo bluestacksBlueStacks is widely popular among the people as the best emulator to get their mobile-based app and game on their PC and Mac with great ease. BlueStacks works great in running Knives Out on PC and Mac smoothly with zero or minimal lag.

To get this game on your system, you require following these steps carefully.

  • You have to click on the given download link to download BlueStacks on your Windows PC or Mac OS.
  • Once it is downloaded, install BlueStacks on your PC or Mac by following the instructions given on the screen.
  • Now, open BlueStacks and login to your Google Account to access Google Play Store on BlueStacks.
    Open Bluestacks on PC
  • If you do not have a Google account, you need to create a new account.
  • The next step is to type ‘Knives Out’ in the search bar of the Google Play Store.
  • It will provide the list of results, where you have to select the topmost result for the perfect Knives Out gameplay app.
    Search & install Knives out on Bluestacks
  • Now, click on the Install button, it will start the installation process, or else load APK directly.
  • Knives Out will be on your PC or Mac within a few minutes.
    Play Knives out with Bluestacks

Install Knives Out on PC and Mac using Nox App Player

Nox App Player is considered as the best alternative to BlueStacks, which can be used if you find any difficulty in installing BlueStacks on your PC or Mac. All you require is to follow these step by step instructions carefully and get your game on PC and Mac with ease.

  • To download Nox App PlayeLogo Noxr on your PC or Mac, the very first step is to download this emulator on your system using the download button listed below.
  • Now, the next step is to Install the Nox App Player by following on-screen instructions.

nox install

  • Once the emulator is installed on your PC or Mac, open it.
  • Now, sign-in your Google Account so that you can access Google Play Store here itself on Nox App Player.
  • Remember, it is required having Google account, so if you do not have any, make sure to create the one to install your game on PC or Mac.
  • After signed in, search for ‘Knives Out’ in the Google Play Store.
  • Once you found the appropriate game link, simply select it and click on its Install button, or else upload APK directly to Install.

upload apk

  • It will start the installation process, which may take some time depending on your system performance.
  • Once you are done with the installation, click on Knives Out icon to open it.
  • Go ahead and enjoy playing your game.

Now, you have this amazing game on your PC and Mac with a bigger screen, along with better gaming and viewing experience.

No matter what kind of strategies you use to win the game, you will surely enjoy Knives Out on PC and Mac in a better way than playing it on your Android or iOS device.

With the help of this guide, get Knives Out on your PC and Mac and have endless fun with your friends.