Guide To Be The Last Man Standing In Knives Out

Knives Out is a free survival game in which 100 players are scattered across the vast isolated arena. The players have to search for weapons and items as soon they place their feet on the battlefield. All players have to fight against their enemy players so that they can kill their enemies and become the last man standing.

When everyone in the arena is fighting for survival, claiming victory becomes more challenging and achieving your goal of being the last man standing becomes harder.

To claim victory, you must go through this guide that will help you to a great extent.

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Things You Need The Most

The most important thing you need in this game is a powerful weapon in your hands. Keep in mind that if you are unarmed, you will not go very far in the game. Other things which are required to the very end include a helmet, body armor, and backpack.

last man standing in Knives Out

These items are very helpful in fighting against your opponents because the game has a lot of movements as well as giving number of opportunities to your enemies to see you before you find them.

Consider Moving Attentively

The game offers you plenty of chances to run, jump, walk and go disposed to. If you have ever played any survival game before, here also you might be thinking that you are less visible to the enemies if you are not sprinting around.

But actually, you are moving a lot slower.

Before making any move, you must listen around you for the sounds of gunfire or footsteps of your enemies. Stay with the walls while you walk. Give some time to yourself to move slowly to the safe zone. Never be in a rush. You will also get a warning when that zone will shrink.

Here is how you can play Knives Out like a Pro.

Always use your minimap so that you get an idea like where you are, where you have to go, where your enemies and other items are likely to be and all. The minimap also helps you to know whether you are going close to danger zones or not.

last man standing in Knives Out

Have A Clear Idea What You Have To Pick Up

You must know what you have to pick up, for example, a backpack, which enables you to walk with a bundle of finite carrying capacity. So, when playing a game, it is very important to pick the things which you need the most or which can help you in easing your path of claiming the victory.

It is not good to wear flashy clothes as they increase the chances of spotting you by the enemies even if you are standing far away from them. You must know that you become a more noticeable target if you choose to wear something that can easily spot.

If you have already two powerful guns, do not waste your time and energy in carrying other that you have recently found. Always give priority to guns which are more to your taste.

You must not forget one thing that when you are going into a building for loot, there is a maximum chance that someone else is there who come into the building for the same thing. So, be careful and listen to other sounds indicating that someone is there or listen for gunfire.

Always play safe so that you can make it through to the end of the game.