How To Play Knives Out Like A Pro – Ultimate Guide!

Like several other battle royale games, Knives Out has gained popularity among the millions of game lovers around the world. The complete gameplay revolves around fighting for survival into an isolated battlefield where 100 players jump into the battle with their skills and strategies to become the last man standing.

When there are 100 players and all are fighting for their survival, the game will never going to be easier than you think of it. But, you can overcome the challenges comes in your way effectively if you know how to deal with them along with putting pressure on your enemies.

Here, you will get to know about some tips and tricks that will help you to learn playing Knives Out like a pro and claim the victory.

In case you still haven’t, here is the way to get Knives Out on your PC and Mac.

How to play Knives Out like a pro

Always Play Like An End-Game

The best way to get better out of Knives Out is to always be prepared to go level after level in battle with your enemy players. You must always play a game like it’s the end.

Remember, if you play a game just like to survive for another minute, you may get killed anytime without anything to show for your survival. Always think for each option and strategy that can take you to the end. When you are confused and end up with split decisions, you may get killed in battle before going long in it.

Look For Three Essential Things

The three essential things that you need to survive till the end in Knives Out are Helmet, Body Armor and Backpack. Fortunately, these things can be automatically picked up when you are closer to them; it means you need not run after them. Simply examine each area quickly and be attentive for any essential loot that may be lying around that area.

If you find anything useful, get closer to it slowly and carefully, and take it. Be prepared that other players may also jump for it at the same time.

These things play a great role in helping you to make your survival to the end. They not only increase your inventory space but also provide you extra protection from the damage.

How to play Knives Out like a pro

Crouching and Crawling

When you are in the battlefield, it does not mean that running from one place to another can protect you from enemies, instead, it increases the chances of spotting you by your enemy players and they can target and hit you easily. So, when you are moving around, crouching and crawling help a lot to avoid being noticed by the enemies, so that you can move to another place safely.

Though crouching and crawling are somewhere quieter than running, but you may become the target if you move slowly. You can creep up on enemies with crawling if the situation gets worse for you.

Knowledge and Awareness

Always keep in mind that if you are unaware of Knives Out gameplay, then how can you be able to deal with the challenges and stay alive till the end?

So, apart from playing tips, you must have knowledge and awareness about where your enemies are, where you are, what to do when you are in a particular area, etc. Here, mini-map works great in collecting such type of information, so always check your mini-map to determine which direction you are moving towards.

Sometimes, the basic tips and tricks become the game-changing factor, so if you are aware of them, no one can stop you playing Knives Out like a pro.